Plessey Begins Licensing GaN-on-Silicon Technology to MicroLED Makers

Plessey commenced an extensive licensing programme to license out its GaN-on-Silicon expertise to microLED producers. The licensing program is part of the company’s new goal of becoming the photonic industry’s foremost technology platform provider.

The company contends that GaN-on-Silicon is the only technology platform capable of addressing all of the issues of manufacturing microLED displays cost effectively and at high volumes. Furthermore, the company plans to be the first to fabricate a monolithic display utilizing microLEDs that are fabricated with a GaN-on-Silicon process.

Michael LeGoff, CEO of Plessey Semiconductor commented, “By being the first to market with a monolithic microLED display we will be demonstrating our expertise and the ability to access our proven turn-key solution, enabling manufacturers to ramp up the development and production of microLED displays to address emerging applications.”

As the only commercially available monolithic solution, Plessey’s technology doesn’t require pick and place equipment and isn’t subject to the associated productivity issues. The company contends that solving all of the major issues, gives licensees instant access to a technology that is ready for volume production.

“GaN-on-Silicon is the only technology that makes sense in terms of scalability and performance,” according to Dr Keith Strickland, CTO, Plessey Semiconductor. “It offers better thermal conductivity than Sapphire and higher luminosity than OLED, which is why this technology is widely acknowledged to be the only one that can deliver high resolution, high luminance displays.”