Permlight Introduces Enbryten Series of LED Luminaire for General Illumination Applications

TUSTIN, Calif., USA — Permlight Products announced today the introduction of the first in a series of LED luminaires for general illumination applications. The Enbryten Portrait series is an LED luminaire designed to mount to conventional electrical junction boxes and has a self contained constant current LED driver integrated into the fixture.

The Enbryten ENBP Series is designed for low location emergency, floor, egress, stairwell, or boat and RV lighting. Consuming from 1.5-5.5 Watts depending on LED color, the Enbryten Portrait outputs up to 0.7 foot candles five (5) feet from the fixture making it an ideal replacement for linear wall lighting or higher power overhead lighting. The Enbryten line can also be used as decorative up lighting wall sconce and is available in over twenty
(20) KolorTek (trademark of KolorFusion) faux finishes including blue/grey marble, graphite, mahogany, and brazilian marble. The decorative finishes on the Enbryten series are also part of thermal management technology and help in managing the maximum fixture temperature of 40C, slightly higher than human body temperature of 37C. This safety features allows for low location lighting without the concern of children touching and burning their hands on the light.

The ENBP Series features Permlight’s patented and patent pending technology of heatsinking LEDs to extend there useable life. The entire fixture is warranted for three (3) years and is mechanically changeable with other Enbryten components by using conventional screws. There are no special tools or solder connections in the interconnecting pieces.

“Enbryten marks a new era in Permlight’s growth as one of the leaders in LED lighting systems,” commented Manuel Lynch, President and CEO of Permlight Products. “We demonstrated in 1995 that LED lighting could replace floor lighting in theaters and 1997 we became one of the leaders in using the same patented technology to replace neon in signs. Enbryten uses the next generation of Permlight’s patented thermal management technology and shows lighting designers, energy and maintenance managers, and the ‘do-it-yourself’ market that LED systems will replace conventional lighting.”

The ENBP Series is available in both a line voltage (90-240VAC 50/60Hz input) and low voltage (12-24VAC or DC) version and comes standard with a dip switch to set the desired application brightness. Ul1598 and UL2108 listings are pending on the Enbryten Series. The fixture is considered to be a Class 2 lighting system.

Permlight offers five (5) LED color choices, twenty (20) different standard fixture finishes, and two lens types (frosted and clear). The ENBP Series ranges in price from $45-65 in low volume depending on fixture finish. An online configurator and store for Enbryten is available on the Permlight website at

About Permlight Products

Permlight, a premier provider of energy efficient LED lighting solutions, designs and manufactures LED Lighting Systems and power supplies for indoor and outdoor applications. With its patented thermal management technology, the company provides products that are rated as the brightest and most cost effective systems in the industry. Its patented thermally managed LED fixtures provide ample lighting without compromising lifetime. More information may be obtained by visiting its website at