Peregrine Semiconductor Becomes PSemi and Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation of San Diego, California USA, has changed its corporate name to pSemi™ Corporation, a Murata company focused on semiconductor integration. The name change coincides with the company’s 30-year anniversary and the shipment of its 4 billionth chip. pSemi will operate as Murata’s semiconductor arm. The company intends to grow rapidly to support its expanding product portfolio and the hiring of engineers and professionals around the world.

pSemi Plans to Expand its Scope and Product Portfolio

The new name, which is derived from Peregrine Semiconductor, reflects the company’s 30-year history. Although pSemi will have the same semiconductor team in charge, the company intends to expand its scope and its product portfolio. Now, the company’s product portfolio will include power management, connected sensors, optical transceivers, antenna tuning and RF frontends.

Back in January 1988, the company’s founders published a research paper that became the basis for Peregrine’s UltraCMOS® technology platform.

“We’ve challenged the pSemi team to broaden their scope, increase their intellectual property (IP) portfolio and grow on a global scale to support more semiconductor innovations,” said Norio Nakajima, senior executive vice president, module business unit at Murata. “pSemi will serve as the hub for Murata’s semiconductor activities, and we are investing in its aggressive growth strategy to fuel our move into more advanced and intelligent modules.”

Stefan Wolff, CEO of pSemi commented, “Our patent portfolio continues to grow and is now ranked as one of the technology world’s most valuable patent portfolios—and finally, we became a Murata company. The launch of pSemi is the next chapter in this company’s history. ”

In addition to getting a new name, pSemi debuted a new logo and company website. The name change, which is effective immediately, will be applied to all new products. However, legacy Peregrine Semiconductor products will remain branded under the Peregrine Semiconductor name and logo, with support from the same sales teams, distributors, and applications engineers.