Monocrystal Wins Industria-2018, the National Industrial Award of the Russian Federation

Monocrystal, a maker of sapphire wafer products, won the Industria-2018 award,  the national industrial award of the Russian Federation. The company picked up the award during an awards ceremony on July 9, at the international industrial expo Innoprom-2018, in Ekaterinburg, Russia. For the ceremony, Vice-Prime Minister Dmitriy Kozak gave the award to Monocrystal…

II-VI Expanding 980 nm Pump Laser Production Capacity

II‐VI Incorporated of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, reported that it plans to expand the capacity of its 980 nm pump laser production lines. The company says the capacity expansion is intended to meet increased demand for its differentiated portfolio of products. The capacity expansion includes wafer fab and chip-on-carrier assembly in…

DFB Laser Producer Production Qualifies IQE NanoImprint Lithography Technology

Cardiff, UK-based IQE, reported that a supplier of Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers for the telecoms industry has production qualified IQE's proprietary NanoImprint Lithography (NIL) technology. NanoImprint Lithography (NIL) technology uses precise imprints that are similar to rubber stamps in their function. These imprints are used to produce precise copies of…

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NASA Unveils Wide-Range Infrared Photo Detector Array and Images

NASA has unveiled images from their three-year project producing an imressive 1 million pixel gallium arsenide-based quantum well infrared photodetector (QWIP) array. At the time of the project’s initial announcement in March 2003, NASA says that the QWIP was the largest ever made. The technology has progressed since then. Where …

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SatCon Receives SBIR Award

Power electronics company, SatCon Technology Corporation of Boston, Massachusetts USA, reported receiving a new Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award from the United States Air Force Research Laboratory for an advanced controller for silicon carbide (SiC) applications. SatCon points out, that electrical components and power systems using silicon carbide (SiC) …

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IPSLA Geared to Help Spur SSL Industry Innovation

Solid State Lighting (SSL) industry component providers, Intematix (phosphors for white LEDs) and BridgeLux (fabless LED die innovator), are teaming to move the SSL industry in a more positive direction, via a route somewhat opposite the direction layed by the original “Big 5” LED die manufacturers (Osram Opto, Cree, Nichia, …

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JDSU Photonic Power Certified for Use in Chinese Electric Power Market

All Fiber Optically-Powered Data Link Takes Current Measurement in High-Voltage Environments to a New Level Milpitas, California USA– JDSU, the leading enabler of broadband and optical innovation, today announced that its 16-bit Optically Powered Data Link (OPDL-16) subsystem has successfully passed government testing in China. Working in conjunction with Zhuhai …

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