ON Semiconductor Introduces IPMs for Electric Vehicles

ON Semiconductor introduced IPMs for electric and plugin hybrid electric vehicles.

ON Semiconductor of Phoenix, Arizona USA, launched new Automotive Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) that enhance overall performance in high-voltage DC-DC conversion and onboard charging (OBC), and other applications for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

ON Semiconductor introduced IPMs for electric and plugin hybrid electric vehicles.

IPMs Offer Very High Power Density

The IPMs deliver extremely high power density. According to ON Semiconductor, the FAM65xxx APM16-packaged devices provide a fully-featured, integrated solution that eases design integration for automotive customers that want one device outline covering PFC, H-Bridge, and bridge rectifier configurations to address applications at each DC-DC and OBC stage.

Both EV and PHEV vehicle designs can employ the FAM65xxxx modules. ON Semiconductor asserts that the intelligent power modules can save about 50% board space and significantly ease manufacturability compared to discrete component-based solutions.

The company notes that their small size and weight coupled with high-efficiency levels can drastically improve power density and system efficiency. In Plug-in Hybrid Electic Vehicles, this efficiency can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for vehicles.

ON Semiconductor says its new IPMs feature optimized content and internal layout resulting in excellent thermal performance, which results in improved reliability compared to discrete solutions and other power modules.

Moreover, an integrated high-voltage capacitor enables the devices to achieve lower electromagnetic interference (EMI). Also, the IPMs have an internal direct bonded copper (DBC) structure that is isolated to 5 kilovolts AC / second, thereby alleviating the need for insulation sheets associated with discrete solutions.

The IPMs comply to the latest, most stringent automotive qualifications – AECQ 101 and AQG324.

Automotive technology demonstrations at  ON Semiconductor’s booth at electronica will feature demonstrations of the new FAM65xxxx modules as well as many other semiconductor solutions for a diverse array of applications in areas such as vehicle electrification, autonomous driving, and lighting technology.