NXP’s RF Power Business Becomes Ampleon under JAC Capital

JAC Capital the Chinese company which acquired NXP’s RF Power business, formed Ampleon of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Ampleon takes on all of RF Power business activity, including sales and support of the silicon-based LDMOS and gallium nitride (GaN) RF power products. Ampleon boasts 1250 staff across 16 engineering, sales and manufacturing facilities around the world. Ampleon said that it will focus on partnering with customers to exploit opportunities in RF data and energy transfer.  Ampleon also intends increase its R&D and grow its engineering resources. Ampleon is a founding member of the RF Energy Alliance, whose members plan to build a create a growing ecosystem around the use of solid-state RF energy as an efficient and controllable source of power and heat.

“With a unique focus on RF power technology and innovation we are extremely well positioned to meet the growing market need for power-, cost- and space-efficient RF solutions,” said Ampleon CEO Reinier Beltman. “This is not only in our key traditional markets such as wireless infrastructure, broadcast, industrial, scientific & medical (ISM), and aerospace & defense but also in the new RF energy markets such as solid-state cooking and plasma lighting,” he added. “RF energy applications will see us establishing new partnerships and introduce new products as we embrace these exciting developments across the value chain. We will be working closely with customers to help them adopt RF energy technology into their designs.”