NXP Releases GaN RF Power Products for 5G

At the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2018) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (12-15 June), NXP Semiconductors N.V. of Eindhoven, the Netherlands introduced new products for macro and outdoor small-cell 5G cellular networks including RF gallium nitride (GaN) wideband power transistors.

NXP Predicts Future 5G Networks will Depend on GaN and Si-LDMOS Technologies

NXP contends that the future of 5G networks will depend on GaN and Si-LDMOS technologies. The company says that the A3G22H400-04S GaNpower transistors are for 40W base stations. This power transistor operates at up to 56.5% efficiency. It provides 15.4dB of gain and covers cellular bands from 1800MHz to 2200MHz.

The A3G35H100-04S power transistor offers up to 43.8% efficiency and 14dB of gain. NXP says that this GaN product enables 16 TX MIMO solutions at 3.5GHz.

“NXP released the world’s first LDMOS product in 1992 — today, we are extending our RF leadership with industry leading GaN technology, developed with the highest linear efficiency for cellular applications,” said Paul Hart, senior VP & general manager of NXP’s RF Power business.