Nichia to Commercialize New Laser Diode Products for Automotive Head-Up Display Systems

Eiji Ogawa, president of Nichia Corporation of Tokushima, Japan, announced plans to commercialize blue and green semiconductor laser diode models for automotive Head-Up Display (HUD) systems. Nichia asserts that laser diodes can replace LEDs that HUD systems commonly use. Laser diodes reportedly offer high luminance, excellent color rendering, and can provide a larger head-up display field of view with lower energy consumption, higher contrast, and extended range of reproducible colors.

Nichia reports improved reliability and quality for its new LD models. The company chose a 5.6mm Can package (i.e. metal package). The LD die has an improved conversion efficiency from electric power to light compared to previous LD die. Nichia plans to start shipping test samples in October 2014 and to start mass producing the laser diodes in October 2015.