Nexperia Releases Automotive Power MOSFETs

Nexperia, NXP’s former Standard Products division, announced the availability of its automotive power MOSFETs in the new, LFPAK33, thermally-enhanced, loss-free package. The package boasts a footprint more than 80 percent smaller than industry standard devices. Nexperia said it responded to industry pressure to reduce the size of modules in cars by significantly lowering the resistance of LFPAK33 devices.
At the same time, the company says that it continues to improve the energy efficiency and reliability of the LFPAK33 packages.

The firm asserts that the LFPAK33 MOSFETs enable the power infrastructure for the reliable and efficient operation of next-generation automotive subsystems such as radar and ADAS technology.
The Nexperia LFPAK33 package uses a copper clip design to reduce the package resistance and inductance which results in a reduction of the MOSFET’s RDS(on) and losses.

The package features a footprint of just 10.9 mm2 because it uses no wires or glue internally. The device can operate at temperatures of up to 175 degrees C Tj max and can handle up to 70 A. Nexperia’s product portfolio includes devices with an RDS(on) as low as 6.3 mΩ that operate with a forward voltage of between 30 V – 100 V.

“As more subsystems are crammed into cars the need for rugged, compact power systems is becoming ever greater,” said Richard Ogden, International Product Marketing Engineer at Nexperia. “This extension of our LFPAK portfolio provides designers with more product choices than anywhere else on the market today.”

Target applications include LED lighting, connected auto modules, radar, next generation engine management systems, chassis and safety technology, relay replacement, infotainment and navigation systems, and ADAS.

MOSFETS in the company’s new LFPAK33 compact automotive power package are now available, visit