New Tech Brief from Custom MMIC Explains “Linear Efficiency” and Shows Company Progress in GaN MMIC Mixers and Extreme Linearity

Custom MMIC reported that the company published a new technical brief revealing their progress for reaching extremely high linearity with passive MMIC mixers that use gallium nitride (GaN) technology. In the tech brief the company also explains a new figure-of-merit for RF Mixers called linear efficiency.

Over the past year, Custom MMIC has examined the use of GaN processes as the basis for RF mixers with extreme linearity. The company says it deduced that the high linearity of GaN power amplifiers might cross-over to other critical microwave components. Following that deduction, Custom MMIC engineers along with several of their key foundry partners have gone through several iterations of GaN mixer typologies and designs.

New Figure of Merit Called Linear Efficiency

Ultimately, the fruits of their efforts have led to passive GaN mixer designs. The company claims that its passive GaN Mixers exceed all gallium arsenide (GaAs) passive mixer designs in the ratio of input third-order intercept point (IIP3) to local oscillator (LO) drive. The company is calling this newly-defined figure-of-merit Linear Efficiency.

According to Custom MMIC, these new passive GaN mixers from S-band to K-band (2 GHz to 19 GHz) demonstrate IIP3 figures well above 30 dBm, LO drive levels around 20 dBm, and linear efficiencies above 10 dB.
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