NeoPhotonics to Demonstrate Nano-ITLA Laser at OFC

NeoPhotonics Corporation reported that at the Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, March 13 to 15 the company will demonstrate its Nano Integrated Tuner Laser Assembly (ITLA) ultra-compact external cavity tunable laser. The company based the Nano-ITLA Laser on the same proven and reliable external cavity technology as its Micro-ITLA product line. Further, the Nano-ITLA boasts low power consumption, low frequency phase noise performanc, and features an ultra-narrow linewidth. The new Nano-ITLA laser comes in a compact package approximately one half the size of previous models.

NeoPhotonics Nano-ITLA Suited for 400ZR Modules

An ASIC control IC reduces the size of the electronic control circuitry. NeoPhotonics says that the laser can also be used independently with the ASIC mounted on the customer’s circuit board. NeoPhotonics says that the Nano-ITLA is well suited for use in compact daughter cards for 600G and 1.2T applications and in 400ZR small form factor pluggable coherent modules, such as the OSFP and DD-QSFP.

Coherent communications is moving simultaneously to higher data rates per wavelength and to smaller form factors, requiring higher performance from the optical components at the same time that the size and power must be significantly reduced. Increasing the symbol rate of coherent communications to 64 Gbaud and utilizing higher order modulation, such as 16 QAM to 64 QAM, can increase the data rate per wavelength to 400G or 600G. However, such higher order modulation is more sensitive to both amplitude and phase noise because the separation between states is reduced. Therefore, higher modulation requires the most stable, ultra-narrow linewidth laser sources.

The new Nano-ITLA employs a miniaturized design while maintaining the high output power of an external cavity approach.
The design results in low electrical power consumption and the narrowest linewidth available.