Navitas Semiconductor Partners with TSMC and Amkor on GaN Power IC Production

Navitas Semiconductor of El Segundo, California USA, a gallium nitride (GaN) power IC supplier, reported that the company has formed manufacturing partnerships with TSMC and Amkor. According to Navitas, the new manufacturing partnerships are intended to support customer demand in the future.

The firm says that since the launch of its GaN power IC platform last year, customers have moved quickly to adopt the technology. The company contends that this fast adoption is because its GaN power IC products enable significant improvements in size, efficiency and charge-rate for miniaturized consumer adapters, next-generation mobile fast chargers, and many other density-driven power electronics applications.

According to the Navitas, TSMC, a wafer foundry company, provides the highest capacity and most advanced GaN-on-Silicon wafer fabrication capability for its proprietary GaN power IC platform. Also, for packaging, the company has partnered with Amkor, a third-party provider of assembly and testing services.

Navitas Power ICs Integrate Power, Analog, and Digital All in GaN

The semiconductor firm says that its GaN power ICs for the first time ever integrate power, analog, and digital circuits all in GaN to dramatically increase power density and efficiency and significantly lower cost. Furthermore, the company notes that this performance improvement can be attained with standard processes and equipment. This production capability is critical for meeting the fast-paced and high-volume demands of the mobile charger and consumer adapter markers, which ship billions of units each year.

Bradford Paulsen, senior vice president Business Management at TSMC commented, “TSMC has made significant capital and engineering investment in GaN manufacturing capability and this platform is well suited to support Navitas & its customers’ high-volume needs.”

John Stone, executive vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing of Amkor commented, “Utilizing our high-volume and low-cost QFN packaging platform, Amkor will provide packaging, test and logistics services and the superior customer experience that Navitas and its customers demand.”

“These manufacturing partnerships allow Navitas to ramp capacity very quickly,” added Dan Kinzer, Navitas COO.