Mitsubishi Electric to Launch MOSFET-type Super-mini DIPIPM

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Tokyo announced it will launch a
transfer-mold-type, super-mini dual inline package intelligent power
module (DIPIPM). The company says that the DIPIPM will primarily be
used for inverter drive systems of small-capacity motors in
refrigerators and other consumer appliances. The module uses a metal
oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) switching
device featuring low power-on voltage in low current regions. Sales
will begin on March 1. With optimized low-loss-drive ICs and a
high-heat dissipation design, the module will help to reduce power
consumption, advance miniaturization and lower the cost of inverter
systems for small-capacity motor drive applications.

According to the company, the power-on voltage in low current
regions is reduced by about 60% compared to Mitsubishi Electric’s
existing “PS219B2” DIPIPM at 0.5A and 25 degrees Celsius, by
employing a MOSFET switching device. The module reportedly reduces
recovered power loss by optimizing the MOSFET process, and it
reduces IC power loss by optimizing the control IC. The company says
that the module successfully suppresses channel temperature rise
through the reduction of power loss of a switching device and the
application of a high -heat dissipation insulation sheet. Mitsubishi
reduced the number of external components thanks to built-in
bootstrap diode (BSD) with current limiting resistor.