Mitsubishi Electric to Launch CW Red Laser Diode with 2.1 W Output

Mitsubishi Electric -- red, 639nm laser diode with 2.1 W output

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Tokyo, Japan reported that it will launch a new continuous-wave (CW) laser diode (LD). The ML562G85 will offer a world-record output power of 2.1W and a brilliant 639-nanometer(nm) red light for projectors.The laser will be available on February 1, 2017.

The company expects that the LD’s pure red color and low power consumption will be adopted for large-venue laser-based projectors that require high brightness. The company points out that it has been a technical challenge to produce red LDs that offer high output at high temperature with a lasing wavelength not exceeding 640 nm. The 640 nm wavelength is the preferred maximum for achieving necessary luminosity.

According to Mitsubishi Electric, its new CW high-power red LD that operates at high temperature employs the company’s original high-power technology, including an optimized LD structure. The company says it optimized the epitaxial structure and emitter size to enable the 2.1W output (CW). The output is 4.2 times greater than the company’s current model of 639nm LD.

The LD produces 250 lumens. At 2.1 W output, it features a wall-plug efficiency of 41 percent. A low case temperature of 25 degrees Celcius can help reduce projector power consumption.

A large, 9.0-mm-diameter transistor-outline can (TO-CAN) package improves heat dissipation. The device’s improved heat dissipation allows the wide operating temperature range for a red LD of 0 to 45 degrees Celcius. Whereas, the temperature range of the current LD is 0 to 40 degrees.