Mission Microwave and Sat-Lite Demonstrate Uplink with GaN-based BUC for Satellite News Gathering Vehicles

Mission Microwave Technologies, LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada USA, has partnered with Sat-Lite Technologies, LLC, to introduce a compact vehicular mount antenna package with an integrated GaN-based lightweight, redundant high power Ku-Band block upconverter (BUC). The companies designed the combined antenna and BUC package for optimal Size, Weight, and Power (SwaP).

The Sat-Lite “PELORIS” vehicle mount uplink employes a carbon fiber-based antenna system and features a custom-designed elevation-over-azimuth cable drive pedestal to offer higher stiffness over existing products. Mission Microwave says that combined with its very lightweight BUCs the system optimizes the performance, reliability, and enables a quick set up.

Mission Microwave MOAB BUCs

The Mission Microwave “MOAB” BUCs each deliver 200 Watts of linear Ku-band power while drawing just 1300 Watts of prime power. Each BUC weighs just 35 lbs, allowing the 1:1 redundant system to be installed directly on the feed boom without putting excessive stress on the antenna positioning system. The GaN-based BUCs are part of the company’s complete line of Ku, Ka and X-Band solid state power amplifier products.

Chris Callow, Director of Sales at Sat-Lite added, “Our customers need more uplink power in smaller and more efficient packages. Mission Microwave’s products offer an ideal combination of performance and efficient SWaP for our most challenging customer requirements in broadcast, government, and commercial markets.”

Sat-Lite will showcase its model 1411 antenna system with the Mission Microwave 400 Wattt Ku-band BUC outdoors during NAB Show 2018 in Sat-Lite’s booth OE26017.