Midsummer’s Asian Client Produces CIGS Modules with 14% Efficiency

Midsummer, a supplier of production lines for manufacturing of lightweight and flexible CIGS solar cells based in Stockholm, Sweden, reported that its Asian client now produces flexible and lightweight solar modules with a conversion efficiency of 14 percent.

Midsummer previously reported that they sold the company’s compact DUO solar cell production system to a client in Asia. The system is in operation, and it is reportedly producing flexible solar modules at record production rates. The flexible solar modules are compsed of CIGS solar cells made at its factory in Asia.

Midsummer's DUO solar cell production system

Midsummer’s DUO solar cell production system

Midsummer says that its client has now surpassed 14 percent in conversion efficiency (corresponding to 15.4% aperture area efficiency). This conversion efficiency measurement is according to testing conducted at Chemitox Inc., the independent research institute in Yamanashi, Japan. The modules were produced in the client’s mass production line under normal operating conditions and with standard process settings. The CIGS layer was less than 1 micron in thickness.

“The DUO system is now the most widely spread manufacturing tool for flexible CIGS solar cells,” said Sven Lindström, CEO, Midsummer AB. “We have yet again shown that we are the leading provider of turnkey production lines of flexible thin film CIGS.”

The Midsummer DUO CIGS Production System

The Midsummer DUO serves as a compact, fully automatic deposition system for CIGS solar cell manufacturing. The company designed the DUO to maintain operational stability and provide excellent material utilization.

The production system from Midsummer manufactures the solar cells individually and then strings them together into modules, allowing the manufacturing of any size and shape of flexible modules. The system employs a dry, all-vacuum process that has less stringent requirements for clean rooms. Also, the production system avoids cadmium in the manufacturing process for the sake of the production staff, which also makes it easier to commence low-cost manufacturing of CIGS solar cells.