Midsummer and Clix Steel Profile Launch BIPV Metal Roof System

Midsummer, the Swedish supplier of CIGS thin-film solar cell manufacturing equipment, announced the launch of a complete solution for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) metal roof systems together with the Swedish metal roofing company Clix Steel Profile AB.

Midsummer previously developed a rapid process for producing flexible thin-film solar cells using sputtering of all layers. The company’s R&D focus has been on increasing cell efficiency, producing lightweight, flexible modules, and integrating these modules into roofing elements.

According to Midsummer, the fabrication process allows for scalable and cost-effective manufacturing of thin-film solar cells. Midsummer has teamed up with the Swedish company Clix Steel Profile AB, which has created a metal roof system that is certified for slopes as low as 5°. Clix Steel Profile says that the system offers very competitive pricing for either do-it-yourself or professional use.

“We can now offer certified BIPV products with great aesthetics. The roof plates are produced with integrated lightweight, flexible panels using any type of coated steel. The lightweight, flexible panel from Midsummer is integrated already at the factory, thereby reducing installation time and cost. All connectors are well protected for snow and ice and easily accessible if necessary,” said Sven Lindström, CEO of Midsummer.

A high-performance elastomeric butyl adhesive tape attaches each panel onto the roof plates. Clix Steel Profile says that the tape provides excellent tack and adhesion under outdoor conditions. The standing seam roof plates are linked together for the installation. Finally, standard connectors attach the modules to the system.

Ridge capping on top hides all connectors and junction boxes for protection from snow and ice. However, the connectors and junction boxes are readily accessible if necessary, according to Midsummer. Also, no visible connectors, cables, or junction boxes show once the roof installation is complete.

Midsummer said it continues to develop its unique method for fabricating flexible thin film CIGS solar cells on individual stainless steel substrates.