Microsemi and ADI Create SiC Driver Reference Design

Microsemi Corporation of Aliso Viejo, California and Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), of Norwood, Massachusetts announced a scalable Silicon Carbide (SiC) driver reference design solution. The reference design stemmed from the collaboration of the two companies as part of the Accelerate Ecosystem, a joint initiative designed to reduce time to market for end customers and time to revenue for ecosystem participants. The companies based the SiC reference design solution based on a range of Microsemi SiC MOSFET products and Analog Device’s ADuM4135 5KV isolated gate driver.

Microsemi says that the dual SiC MOSFET driver reference design enabling faster time to market for customers using its SiC MOSFETs. Microsemi also says that the reference design supports the transition to its next generation SiC MOSFETs.

The new reference design offers a highly isolated SiC MOSFET dual-gate driver switch for evaluating SiC MOSFETs in a number of topologies. These topologies include modes optimized for half-bridge switching with synchronous dead time protection and asynchronous signal transfer with no protection. The device can also be configured to provide a concurrent drive with the requirement of studying unclamped inductive switching (UIS) or double pulse testing.

Microsemi developed the reference design for its SiC MOSFET discrete devices and modules, and the device serves as an engineering tool for the evaluation of its portfolio of SiC devices. The board allows the modification of gate resistor values, to accommodate most Microsemi modules and discretes.

Potential applications for the reference design include defense (power supply and high power motor drive); industrial (photovoltaic inverters, motor drives, welding,  uninterruptible power supply, switched-mode power supply, induction heating and oil drilling);aerospace (actuation, air conditioning and power distribution), medical (MRI and X-ray power supply); and automotive (hybrid/electric vehicle powertrains, electric vehicle battery chargers, DC-to-DC converters, and energy recovery).