MHI Launches Bonding Services Employing Proprietary Room-temperature Wafer Bonding Systems

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), has launched wafer bonding services. The company performs the services using its wafer bonding machines, which can bond different kind of materials at room temperature. Previously, the company offered trial use of its wafer bonding services to businesses and potential users considering purchasing its system.  MHI has now those expanded those services to research institutes and companies with no immediate plans to acquire the machine. The company’s extension of the trial services to others aims to convince companies and institutions of the effectiveness of the company’s room-temperature wafer bonding technology and ultimately expand system sales.

MHI also plans on offering its wafer bonding as a new service to customers. Room-temperature bonding uses irradiating ion beams and atom beams in a vacuum to activate and bond wafer surfaces without heating. The process allows bonding of materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion. The company’s newest system, which accommodates wafers up to 300mm, is rapidly being adopted in fields such as MEMS, LEDs, sensors, biodevices, high-frequency devices, and power devices.

MHI says an increasing number of  research laboratories and factories have requested wafer bonding service. Thus, the company has decided to  accept requests for bonding services regardless of whether or not the user plans to acquire a machine. The company uses four demonstration systems  at the Machine Tool Division in Ritto City (Shiga Prefecture) and the Technology & Innovation Headquarters’ Advanced Technology Research Center in Yokohama to perform the bonding services.