Mars Landing Marks “Return” of NASA

While the USA’s DoD has enjoyed a healthy beefing of budgets… which directly
trickles down to the compound semi R&D community, up until today, the USA’s
space agency, NASA, has remained “budget-challenged.” On a shoestring,
the famed agency successfully landed their latest equipment on Mars (Mars Rover)
and with that achievement, came a fresh “enhanced for broadband” online
presence for NASA. Check
the new
boasting a “We’re Back” slogan that should get the interest
of budget-setters in Washington, DC, along with the detailed, real time tracking
of the Mars Mission over NASA’s
JPL realtime coverage
. It’s almost as good as being there. And note while
you’re looking, that compound semi technology is deeply embedded in the system.
Our congratulations to our many friends and colleagues at NASA, and especially
JPL, and to a renewed spirit of leading edge R&D that comes with such technology