MACOM Opens Shenzhen Optoelectronics Lab with Technology Demos for Customers

MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. announced the successful opening of its Optoelectronics Customer Innovation Lab with multiple top-tier optical networking customers in attendance. The new lab is located in KeXing Science Park, Shenzhen China.
According to MACOM, the new lab will serve as a hub for the development of 100G, 400G and beyond optical and photonic solutions. Also, the lab focuses on supporting customers using the company’s optoelectronic and photonic components to enable Cloud Data Centers as well as Client Access and Metro/Long-haul applications.

Demonstrated Technologies Enable 100G, 400G, and Beyond Optical Applications

MACOM Presented LIVE demo of the 100G CWDM4 L-PIC & 200G PAM-4

MACOM Presented LIVE demo of the 100G CWDM4 L-PIC & 200G PAM-4

At the lab opening, MACOM showed live demonstrations to top-tier customers. These presentations covered silicon photonics CWDM4, a 200G PAM-4 optical interconnect link demo, and total 10G-PON solutions. MACOM pointed out that these demonstrated technologies can enable their customers’ 100G, 400G and beyond optical applications. MACOM’s customers in attendance at the opening included Lumentum, CIG, Huawei, APAT, Mentech, Xgiga, Ruigu, Moduletek, Hi-Optel.

“The opening of MACOM’s Optoelectronics Innovation Lab allowed us to showcase the progress we have made leveraging our preeminent product and technology portfolio across CWDM4, PAM-4 and 10G PON Solutions,” said Vivek Rajgharia, senior vice president and general manager, Lightwave Business Unit, at MACOM.

Rajgharia further commented, “Our customers today are looking to MACOM to not only deliver industry leading components but also accelerate their time to market, working closely with them on technical and design support to enable their deployments.”