MACOM Introduces MAGM Series of Gan-on-Si MMIC PAs for Massive MIMO Antenna Systems for the 5G Base Station Infrastructure

MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. of Lowell, Massachusetts USA, announced its new MAGM series of GaN-on-Si-based MMIC power amplifiers (PAs) optimized for massive MIMO antenna systems targeting the 5G base station infrastructure.
The GaN-on-Si-based MMIC PAs simultaneously covering bands 42 and 43 with flat power and they boast superior power efficiency compared to legacy LDMOS technology.

According to MACOM, the new MAGM PA Series offers GaN performance at LDMOS-like cost structures. Furthermore, the company says that the company can provide the PA series in fully integrated MMIC packaging at scaled volume production levels through its partnership with STMicroelectronics.

PAs Can be Used for Cost-Effective 5G Base Station Manufacturing

MACOM says that the PAs can be utilized for simplified, cost-effective 5G base station manufacturing. The company tailored the MAGM Series MMIC PAs specifically for mainstream 5G base station architectures, and they reportedly meet and surpass the power density and thermal specifications of 64-element massive MIMO antenna arrays.

The company says that this performance improvement gives designers a pathway to exceed the performance of LDMOS technology, and do so at scaled volume level production cost structures and supply capacities that not possible with competing GaN-on-SiC technology. The PAs employ MACOM proprietary wideband circuit topology and meet the stringent 5G TDD linearity requirement using off the shelf digital-pre-distortion (DPD) systems.

The company notes that compared to earlier generation multichip-format GaN-on-Si modules, MACOM was able to further lower the costs through a reduction in packaging and design complexity.

“MACOM’s new MAGM Series PAs combine the unique performance and cost benefits inherent to GaN-on-Si technology with the MMIC packaging efficiencies needed for commercial volume-scale 5G base station manufacturing and deployment,” said Amer Droubi, Director Product Marketing, MACOM.

The company will be showcasing products at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) at Hall 8.1, Room #CC 8.15 from February 26 – March 1, in Barcelona, Spain.