M/A-COM Technology Solutions Announces New X-Band Low Noise Amplifier for V-Sat, Radar, and Microwave Applications

Lowell, Massachusetts-based M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc., a
supplier of analog semiconductor solutions, announced an X-Band
extension to its Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) family. The gallium
arsenide MAAL-010528 MMIC is designed as a quick LNA solution for
V-Sat, radar and microwave applications. This LNA boasts higher gain
and linearity performance over the 8.0- 12.0 GHz frequency band than
many competing components. Packaged in a small 3x3mm PQFN Surface
Mount and having a single, positive bias supply.

It provides a nominal Gain of 20dB with excellent gain flatness,
high OIP3 linearity of 26 dBm, and a mid-band noise figure supply of
1.6dB. The component features a self-bias architecture which
requires only a single positive supply. In addition, the device is
internally matched to 50 Ω input/output.

“TheMAAL-010528 is ideal for customers looking for low noise
figure and high linearity for their X-Band Solutions,”
Paul Beasly, Product Manager. “The excellent performance and
very small, fully matched PQFN package make this LNA a simple and
elegant solution for multiple applications.”