LayTec to Ship First EpiTT/VCSEL System to Customer

LayTec points out that VCSELs grown on GaAs are currently becoming a dominant technology in rapidly growing markets such as Gesture Recognition, 3D imaging, datacom, and others. The company followed the request of its customers, LayTec customized and expanded its related in-situ metrology performance for VCSEL epitaxy using the modular concept of its new Gen3 in-situ platform.

LayTec reports that in May, one of our the company’s lead users in Europe ordered the company’s in-situ metrology system that has enhancements that are specifically for VCSEL epitaxy called EpiTT/VCSEL. LayTec plans to ship the tool by the beginning of 2017. The EpiTT/VCSEL integrates two fiber-optical heads: one for a standard EpiTT and the other for spectral reflectance sensing (RVCSEL).

Both fiber optic heads can be mounted using an adapter flange on an EpiCurve® head to make an EpiCurve®TT/VCSEL system. This mounting allows the integration of the full EpiCurve®TT.