Kyma Reports High Initial Device Reliability Results at 50,000W for GaN-based High Power Switch

Raleigh, North Carolina- based Kyma Technologies, Inc., a supplier of
crystalline aluminum nitride (AlN) and gallium nitride (GaN) materials and
related products and services, announced the completion of initial device
reliability testing of the recently launched KO-Switch™. It utilizes a
specially tailored version of Kyma’s bulk semi-insulating GaN, KO-GaN.

Kyma first announced the launch of the KO-Switch™ as their first
device product in September of last year. The development was funded through an
Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) R&D investment managed by John Blevins
of AFRL and led by Bob Metzger, Kyma’s Chief Technology Officer.

A 532 nm excitation laser was adjusted to excite the device with 5 nanosecond wide pulses in a 10 Hz pulse train and was coupled to the device to set the initial Ron = 20 Ω. Instantaneous current passing through the 2 mm diameter device that was biased to 1000V was 50A while the switch was closed. After subjecting the switch to >1,000,000 close/open cycles, the change in Ron was less than 1%, which is within the error of the measurement system. The conclusion is that there is no noticeable degradation in Ron after 1,000,000 device operations.

Dr. Leach commented, “We are very encouraged at the excellent
reliability we find under these operating conditions, which are relevant for
several different customer applications. Next we want to begin pushing the
device harder, at higher currents and laser pulse energies, for example, and
under higher bias voltage. I am confident we will find the edges of its
reliability behavior which will inform our future device improvement