JDSU to Separate into Two Public Companies

JDSU of Milpitas, California USA, reported that its board of directors has unanimously approved a plan to separate JDSU into two publicly traded companies, an optical components and lasers company (CCOP) and a network services and enablement company (NSE). CCOP consists of JDSU’s current Communications and Commercial Optical Products segment including lasers and 3D-sensors for the telecom and datacom markets. NSE consists of JDSU’s current Network Enablement, Service Enablement and Optical Security and Performance Products (OSP) segments

The stand-alone NSE company will address the network and service enablement market expected with a primarily focus for its investments in higher growth markets, particularly software supporting virtualized and software-defined networks, and optical network security.

“Over the past five years, JDSU has invested heavily in innovation that is well aligned with the industry’s best growth opportunities, including cloud networking, data center expansion and software-defined networks,” said Tom Waechter, JDSU president and CEO.  “We believe two fundamentally focused companies best position us to stay ahead of the accelerating pace of technology change and to compete even more effectively across the unique markets we serve today.”