IQE’s Infrared Division Wins $1.1 Million Contract

IQE plc of Cardiff, UK, has agreed to a long-term supply contract for its infrared materials with a leading semiconductor manufacturer. The new order, which is worth about $1.1 Million over the next twelve months, is reportedly the largest single purchase order for indium antimonide products ever for the company. Details of the specific product and application produced with IQE’s infrared materials as well as the specific customer were not disclosed to both retain the customer’s competitive advantage and protect its IP. However, IQE pointed out that  InSb is the choice material for a wide variety of sensing devices employed in a growing number of defense, security, medical, industrial, and consumer, applications. IQE boasts that its US (Galaxy) and UK (Wafer Technology) operations offer the world’s largest antimonide wafer production capacity. According to IQE, the operations use multiple crystal growth pullers to produce a dual-sourced and  completely secure supply of InSb wafers.

Dr Drew Nelson, CEO of IQE plc, stated, “This is a significant new order for our world leading InSb products from a significant industry player with whom we have enjoyed a long relationship. The scale of the commitment is a result of IQE Infrared’s industry reputation for offering a high quality, volume manufacturing capability for InSb materials.” 

Nelson added, “Our investment in state-of-the-art crystal growth, wafer production and polishing capabilities enables us to fully meet the growing antimonide product demands of our customers, both in terms of volume and quality, across a full 2”-6” product range.”