Intematix and BridgeLux Form IP Alliance

How can a company be sure that all of the components in its products both purchased
and licensed from other companies do not infringe on any other patents? Two
companies in solid state lighting have proposed an answer to this all to common
concern of IP validity and enforcement. Intematix of Freemont, California USA,
and BridgeLux (formerly eLite Opto; Ref: Coverage)
of Sunyvale, California, have arrived at what they hope is the answer in the
form of an intellectual property alliance. The two companies jointly announced
the formation of the Intellectual Property Secure Lighting Alliance (IPSLA).
According to the companies, the IPSLA is a network of solid state lighting component
suppliers who believe that respecting IP is essential to accelerating the adoption
of solid state lighting (SSL).

A company using components produced by another company can either take the