Integra Technologies Releases GaN-based VSWR pallet amplifier

Integra Technologies of El Segundo, California USA,  a provider of high-power RF and microwave transistors and amplifiers is now offering a high-efficiency, low input/output Voltage Standing Wave Radio(VSWR) pallet amplifier. The GaN-based IGNP1214M1KW-GPS operates in the 1.20 – 1.40 GHz instantaneous frequency band as a single-supply 50 Ohm matched GaN-based pulsed power pallet amplifier for L-Band radar systems.

The pallet amplifier delivers a minimum of 1000W of peak pulsed output power under the conditions of 300 μs pulse width and a 10% duty cycle. The pallet integrates bias sequencing and RF-activated gate biasing circuitry to simplify system design. The company screens all units for large signal RF parameters. The pallet amplifier can be used for Class AB operation. The amplifier IGNP0912L1KW has a gain of 12.0dB, frequency of 0.1-1.0GHz and a voltage of 28V.