InnoScience Orders Multiple Aixtron MOCVD Systems to Ramp Production of GaN-on-Si Power Devices

Aixtron of Herzogenrath, Germany, reported that InnoScience Technology Co., Ltd ordered multiple AIX G5+ C MOCVD systems. The China-based company intends to use the systems to develop GaN (gallium nitride) power devices. Aixtron says all of the cluster tools will feature a 5×200 mm configuration.

InnoScience plans to use the AIX G5+ C systems to ramp production of it 650V GaN-on-Si devices. The AIX G5+ C systems will ship in the second quarter of 2019.

Notably, GaN power devices provide very low conduction loss, switching loss and off state loss compared to the conventional Si-based power chips as result of higher breakdown strength, faster switching speeds, higher thermal conductivity, and lower on-resistance.

Also, GaN power devices are already being utilized for applications including efficient power supplies for servers and PCs or LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), as well as wireless power transfer requiring high-speed switching above 1 MHz. In addition, GaN power devices offer advantages for electric vehicle applications such as On-Board Chargers (OBC).

AIX G5+ C MOCVD System Boasts High Yield and Low Cost of Ownership

Aixtron contends that its AIX G5+ C system allows for scalable processes, and enables tight uniformity and particle control of the epitaxial wafers to produce high yield and maximum throughput at a low cost of ownership.

Jay Son, CEO of InnoScience Technology, said, “We have chosen the AIX G5+ C as it has proven to provide excellent thickness and wafer uniformity due to the superior capabilities of the Planetary® batch reactor concept. The newly acquired systems will enable us to ramp up manufacturing of our high-end products such as 650V GaN-on-Si1 devices with the best cost per wafer in the market.”

“We are pleased that InnoScience leads the way in China and has decided to select this system which convinces not only by performance but also by making the production of GaN power devices commercially viable,” commented Dr. Felix Grawert, President of Aixtron SE.