Infineon Releases Complete Radar Chipset Solution

Infineon recently made available to early adopters a complete radar chipset solution. The chipset solution includes a high-performance multicore microcontroller with a dedicated sensor processing unit, a 77/79 GHz Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC), and a safety power supply. Complete radar chipset also includes a new RF radar single-chip transceiver. According to Infineon, the new RF radar single-chip transceiver replaces three previous parts, the RF transmitter, the RF receiver, and a companion Phase Locked Loop (PLL) device.

Radar Chipset Includes Radar Transciever, Aurix Microcontroller, and Failsafe Power Supply

The RF radar transceiver along with a second generation AURIX™ radar-specific microcontroller, and a fail-safe power supply underlie the scalable radar chipset. The company notes that all three products fully comply with ISO26262 specifications.
In the first quarter of 2018, Infineon plans to make a radar module starter kit available. The company intends for the radar module starter kit to support new designs at established automotive system suppliers and disruptive companies. Infineon intend the kit serve as an evaluation starter kit for developing radar sensors using its radar chipset.

“Over the recent years, we have seen the pace of innovation in the automotive industry accelerate to a level we have not experienced previously. Companies in Silicon Valley have taken a strong interest in taking a leading position for automotive innovation,” said Ritesh Tyagi, head of the Silicon Valley Automotive Innovation Center (SVIC) at Infineon Technologies. “Infineon has more than a decade of radar experience and is a preferred chip partner of the automotive industry. ”

The radar module starter kit will include the three ICs the RF radar transceiver, the AURIX radar-specific microcontroller, and a fail-safe power supply. The company will also integrate a software package that can use the chipset’s dedicated signal processing hardware accelerator. Infineon intends the kit to serve as evaluation starter kit for developing radar sensors using the Infineon chipset.