Infineon Publishes Wireless Charging Reference Designs

Infineon has released a series of reference designs for inductive and resonant wireless charging solutions for cars, at home, or in public places. These reference designs can be used for smartphones, wearables, medical and industrial devices with the company’s AURIX and XMC microcontrollers.

Wireless Charging Reference Design Supports 15W Charging Standard

The design supports the current 15 W charging standards such as fast charging of smartphones, and the company says the microcontrollers can support future changes through a software update. Infineon says it enhanced power stage architecture to improve the Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) performance 10-15 dB above existing solutions. Also, a supplemental Foreign Object Detection system offers improved detection accuracy.

Infineon releases wireless charing reference designs

Infineon releases wireless charging reference designs

The scalable architecture can support everything including a 20 W robot with can charge devices with up to such as 60 W drone. Paired with power products such as MOSFETs and Driver ICs, the company claims that this new system can deliver full power wireless charging without needing complicated thermal management.  Furthermore, Infineon claims that the system can often achieve charging rates comparable to that of wired charging.

The company claims that the XMC based 2.5 W low-power solution is the industry’s lowest cost resonant wireless charger. With a single transmitter, the XMC supports both one-to-one and multi-device charging. The device employs a higher frequency, so very small coils can be utilized a range form factors, with no having to worry about nearby metallic objects.