Inergy Kodiak Extreme Portable Generator to Feature Transphorm’s GaN Technology

Transphorm Inc. along with solar energy innovator Inergy and design partner Telcodium Inc. announced that the upcoming Inergy Kodiak Extreme employs high-voltage GaN technology. The soon-to-be-released Kodiak Extreme portable electric generator from Inergy utilizes a photovoltaic (PV) inverter and battery charger integrating Transphorm’s JEDEC-qualified GaN platform.

Inergy Kodiak Extreme portable electrical generator with Transphorm GaN technology

Inergy Kodiak Extreme portable electrical generator with Transphorm GaN technology

According to Transphorm, these power systems result in a portable electrical generator with 33 % more output power and half the weight that charges up to 4X faster than competitive products.

Also, the Kodiak Extreme does not require an internal cooling fan because the GaN semiconductors run cooler than similar Silicon (Si) devices. The elimination of a cooling fan, allows Inergy to develop one of the first water-resistant and dustproof solar power generators for consumers.

Inergy Kodiak Extreme Realizes GaN Benefits

The Kodiak Extreme features a 110/120 Vac 2 kW output, and the generator reportedly provides reliable off-grid AC power for consumers and professionals. The solar generator’s battery converter uses Transphorm’s TPH3206LDGB 150mΩ PQFN device and the 98 percent efficient PV inverter uses the company’s TP65H050WS 50 mΩ TO-247 FET.

Transphorm notes that their standard packaging allows them to serve as close replacements for the Si IGBTs and MOSFETs used in previous Kodiak models, making them easy to design in and heatsink.

Transphorm’s GaN semiconductors boast 2x to 3x faster switching than Si transistors, and the company says that they increase the power density up to 40 percent as well as decrease heat losses through traditional heat sinking methods. The Gen III devices also offer the robustness of ±20 V gates with a 4 V threshold, thereby decreasing the need for additional controls and circuitry to ensure reliability.

James Brainard, CTO of Inergy commented, “Superior durability, high clean power output, lightweight—these are all the attributes that our customers want. Working with Transphorm and Telcodium to develop the GaN platform for our system enables us to achieve that vision.”