IMEC Launches 200mm Fully Integrated Silicon Photonics R&D Platform

Imec announced the launch of its silicon photonics platform which
essentially integrates a design kit with customized fabrication services it
calls Multi Project Wafer through ePIXfab. ePIXfab is a consortium of partners
coordinated by an IMEC-UGent partnership. IMEC claims that the research and
development platform enables cost-effective R&D of silicon photonic ICs for
optical transceivers of 25Gb/s and beyond and optical sensing and life science

Through ePIXfab, IMEC is offering to fabricate components for research and
development kit using its 130nm CMOS toolset including: low-loss waveguides,
efficient grating couplers, high-speed silicon electro-optic modulators, and
high-speed germanium waveguide photo-detectors.

The wafer includes Ge epitaxial growth on Si and p-type and n-type implants
in Ge. It boasts tight within-wafer silicon thickness variation 3sigma <
2.5nm and features 3-level patterning of 220nm top Si layer (193nm optical
lithography); poly-Si overlay and patterning (193nm optical lithography);
3-level n-type implants and 3-level p-type implants in Si; local NiSi contacts,
tungsten vias and Cu metal interconnects; Al bond pads; a validated cell
library with fiber couplers, polarization rotators, highly efficient carrier
depletion modulators and ultra-compact Ge waveguide photo-detectors with low
dark current. The design kit supports Ipkiss, PhoeniX and Mentor Graphics

The first run opens for registration with tape-in on 9th of Oct 2013 and
first devices will be out in May 2014. Support, registration and design kit
access will be organized by Europractice IC service, and ePIXfab partners.