IIT Bombay Places Repeat Order for Riber Research MBE System

Riber of Bezons, France,  announced the order for a research MBE system from India. The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay), has ordered a research MBE system, Model Compact 21T. IIT Bombay intends to use the system to strengthen its research capabilities to develop new optoelectronic devices using quantum dot lasers emissions. This repeat order will be the 4th Riber system operated at IIT Bombay.

New System Will Be Fourth at IIT Bombay

Riber boasts that its Compact 21 series offers an incredibly versatile range of ergonomic MBE systems. Notably, variants of the Compact 21, which have been installed in more than 100 locations worldwide. These systems can deposit high-quality films of arsenides, phosphides and antimonides; gallium nitride; mercury cadmium telluride; II-VI material; silicon germanium; as well as metals and oxides.

Compact 21 Series Features Small Footprint

Due to its small footprint, Riber says that users can easily integrate the Compact 21 into most R&D labs. Also, according to Riber, running costs for the Compact 21 are minimal due to low consumption of liquid nitrogen, the high process uptime, as well as the minimized material costs, thanks to the availability of reactors designed to grow a particular class of material. The T model of the Compact 21 Series reportedly offers a 10 port, high-end R&D system.

The company asserts that this repeat order is part of its continued expansion into India’s growing market, where Riber has
already an installed base of 16 systems, representing 64% of the total fleet. The company also claims that its Compact 21 is the world’s best-selling research MBE system.

IIT Bombay will get the system delivered in 2019.