II-VI Suwtech Launches Wavelength Stabilized Multimode Pump Laser Modules

The II-VI Suwtech Division of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based firm II-VI Incorporated, has introduced 976 nm wavelength-stabilized multimode pump laser modules with up to 20 Watts of output power. The company notes that medical, industrial, and semiconductor manufacturing applications increasingly use ultrafast pulsed lasers for microscopic scale marking and drilling. According to II-VI Suwtech, these pump lasers enable shorter pulses from ultrafast fiber lasers for higher precision drilling and marking.

A wavelength-stabilized optical design can make the output power significantly more stable over their ranges of operating temperature and dynamic output power.  The company also says that the laser module’s new wavelength stabilized optical system minimizes warm-up time.

The new pump laser combines multiple GaAs semiconductor laser chips into one module to achieve the high output. The combined output power of the module can be coupled to an industry standard 105 µm multimode fiber laser. Customers can adjust the operating wavelength of the module to meet specific applications needs.

“This new laser module builds on the proven reliability of II-VI’s gallium arsenide technology platform,” said Di Yang, general manager, II-VI Suwtech. “Beyond ultrafast fiber-lasers for precision drilling and marking, our product portfolio will expand to advance pulsed lasers for other applications including supercontinuum lasers for life sciences.”