II-VI Laser Enterprise Introduces 170 W Passively Cooled and 250 W Actively Cooled Laser Bars

II-VI Laser Enterprise-- 170 W Passively Cooled laser bars

The II-VI Laser Enterprise Division of II‐VI Incorporated announced the introduction of 170 W passively cooled and 250 W actively cooled laser bars. II-VI says its new passively and actively cooled laser bars enable high-efficiency coupling into optical fibers. This high-efficiency coupling is due to their excellent mechanical flatness properties or “low smile.”

The lasers also feature a proprietary hard solder technology which the company says can withstand the high power pulsed and on/off operation typical for direct diode lasers.

The 250 W actively cooled, and 170 W passively cooled lasers bars are available over a wavelength range from 790µm to 1070 µm. The firm says that the wide range can enable a variety of wavelength multiplexed laser designs.

Both products employ II-VI’s proprietary E2 front mirror passivation that prevents catastrophic optical damage (COD) to the laser diode facet despite extremely high output powers. For beam management and to fiber-couple direct diode lasers, II-VI also offers high power laser optics that it produces using magneto rheological finishing and IBS coatings.

“We continue to advance our high power GaAs semiconductor platform to extend our broad portfolio of seed lasers, pump lasers and laser bars that enable next generation fiber and direct diode lasers,” said Karlheinz Gulden, general manager, II-VI Laser Enterprise. “The use of direct diode lasers in additive manufacturing to repair high wear industrial tools is one of the more recent and exciting applications enabled by our new laser bars.”