II-VI Expanding 980 nm Pump Laser Production Capacity

II‐VI Incorporated of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, reported that it plans to expand the capacity of its 980 nm pump laser production lines. The company says the capacity expansion is intended to meet increased demand for its differentiated portfolio of products. The capacity expansion includes wafer fab and chip-on-carrier assembly in Zurich, Switzerland and Calamba, Philippines, as well as a pump laser module assembly in Shenzhen, China. II-VI says it has also completed the extension of the current facility lease in Shenzhen, China.

Specifically, II-VI intends to use the production capacity increase to meet the strong demand for datacenter interconnects and the growing demand for ROADMs. The company plans to have the new production capacity operational by the end of calendar year 2018.

Micro-pump Lasers Enable Transceiver-Embedded Amplifiers for Datacenter Interconnects

“As our company has previously discussed, we are seeing increased demand for our products for optical communications,” said Simon Loten, general manager, II-VI Pump Laser Division. “Our micro-pump lasers, one of our latest innovations, have set new standards in miniaturization, enabling transceiver embedded amplifiers for next-generation datacenter interconnects.”

II-VI designs and manufactures its semiconductor laser chips in Zurich, Switzerland. The company’s manufacturing facility in Calamba, Philippines, houses automated assembly lines for laser subassemblies, which are then shipped to II-VI operations in Shenzhen, China to complete the pump laser module assembly. II-VI says its Shenzhen operations shipped more than 3 million pump lasers last year.