II-VI Direct Process 900 Direct Diode Laser Engine Now Available with 600-Watt Continuous Output

II-VI -- DirectProcess 900 direct laser diode

II‐VI Incorporated of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA reported that its direct diode laser engine the DirectProcess 900, is now available with 600 Watt continuous output power. This new laser lighting engine features a smaller form factor the previous DirectProcess 900 laser, and it has new network interfaces.

Materials processing applications including aluminum processing in automotive and consumer products increasingly use direct diode laser technology, according to the company.

In aluminum cutting and welding operations, in particular, II-VI contends that its direct diode laser engines enable greater energy efficiencies for materials processing and improved quality of workmanship.

“600 Watt output power in a square beam and at aluminum’s peak absorption wavelength is very attractive for a broad range of aluminum and aluminum-copper processing applications,” said Wolfgang Gries, General Manager, II-VI DirectPhotonics. “Using GaAs emitters and high power laser optics manufactured in-house, II-VI achieves an unmatched level of vertical integration in its network-ready laser engines aimed at Industry 4.0 smart factories.”

Mountable on Robotic Arms

II-VI says that the compact size and light weight of its direct diode laser engines allow them to be mounted on robotic arms, so the power of the laser diodes is directly transferred to the work piece, thus achieving very high energy efficiency. According to II-VI, its direct diode laser engines feature square beams and boast excellent power uniformity that results in aluminum cuts with sufficiently smooth edges to reduce or eliminate post process steps.

New Interfaces

With its new TCP/IP and EtherCAT interfaces, the DirectProcess 900 can be managed and programmed remotely to perform precisely timed processes. II-VI says it direct diode laser engines can be deployed along with II-VI’s multi-kW laser heads or laser light cables. The company says it can also design and manufacture custom beam delivery solutions that leverage its portfolio of high power laser optics.

II-VI will exhibit it laser products at Laser World of Photonics – Munich, Jun. 26-29, 2017, Hall A2, Stand #117.