HUGA’s Stepped Up Production of Blue & Green HB-LEDs Illustrative of Strong MOCVD Ramp in Taiwan

As reported recently in an Industrial Daily article on stepped up production of HB-LEDs in Taiwan, until recently, the production of blue and green HB-LEDs within Taiwan were largely dependent on imported epiwafers. HUGA Optotech illustrates how that scene is quickly changing. HUGA recently announced a breakthrough in their internal capability to produce blue LED epiwafers technology at truly mass-production levels as evidenced by the installation of new multiwafer MOCVD high throughput production platforms to meet 3rd Quarter 2000 mass-production projections. While HUGA’s current brightness levels already meet market requirements, the company expects to reach the 2 – 3mW levels for their blue and green LED epiwafers by end of this year, at which time, HUGA states they will not only be able to fulfill all internal requirements for die manufacturing, but that they will also be able to supply midstream die customers with epiwafer products as well. While currently shipping product to Taiwan customers, HUGA is also targeting the international market. Due to the broadness of the epiwafer characterization distribution, HUGA Optotech is leading a move to further satisfy proven customer needs by classifying their die into different categories as a significant cost-saving measure which benefits downstream customers. HUGA is aggressively working to form key strategies and alliances with their downstream and applications customers to stabilize and secure the overall product supply.