Hanergy Introduces Solar Umbrella, “Humbrella”

Hanergy, a clean energy company, announced the launch of its new product “Humbrella,” a thin-film solar powered umbrella. According to the company, the Hanergy solar-powered umbrella (“Humbrella”) can deliver clean, free and consistent electricity to people in energy-scarce areas of the world.

At the launch of its “Lighting Africa” CSR project, the company reported that it would donate the first batch of a million RMB (US$160,000) worth of solar-powered umbrellas to regions of Africa where electricity shortages often prevent children from having light to study at night. With Humbrella, the company contends that children in these regions will be able to use more reading time.

Hanergy's solar-powered umbrella, Humbrella

Hanergy’s solar-powered umbrella, Humbrella

Hanergy Umbrella, “Humbrella” Uses CIGS Solar

The company’s Humbrella, employs copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) thin-film solar cells with technology based on advances from its U.S. subsidiary Alta Devices and its German subsidiary Solibro.

“Hanergy has been striving to leverage our world-leading thin-film technology to provide accessible and clean energy to the world,” said Hanergy CEO Li Hejun. “Humbrella is the latest addition to our growing roster of mobile energy solutions. With our unique technological strength and R&D commitment, we are confident that our products can transform many industries to make them much more green and efficient.”

The Humbrella integrates functions including off-grid power supply, electricity storage, night lighting, and terminal charging. It can collect sunshine and convert it into electricity and save up to 40000mAh of power, enough for 10 hours of quality night reading time. In addition to powering lighting, the Humbrella with four USB ports built into the handle can charge several mobile phones or small appliances including electric mosquito repellents. The When opened, the Humbrella measures 2.7 meters in diameter and weighs just 8.8 kilograms due to Hanergy’s amazingly light and flexible thin-film solar panels.