GT Introduces SiC Production Solution

GT Advanced Technologies Corporation (GT) of Merrimack, New Hampshire USA, has launched a silicon carbide production solution for commercial sale. According to GT, the production solution can produce high-quality, semiconductor grade, six-inch silicon carbide boules with a stable and repeatable process.

The company contends that its complete silicon carbide production solution can achieve industry leading cost points. The company has released the SiClone™200 furnace, a production-ready sublimation furnace, along with process technology, and hot zones. In addition, GT offers technical support to companies that want to produce silicon carbide boules and wafers.

GT Has Worked on SiC Equipment and Solutions for Over 15 Years

The company’s history of developing silicon carbide equipment and solutions goes back more than 15 years. Furthermore, the company contends that it pioneered the growth of two and four-inch silicon carbide boules in its SiClone sublimation furnaces.

Greg Knight, CEO at GT Advanced Technologies commented, “Our crystal growth experts have worked hard to achieve a repeatable, high-yield process technology for producing high-quality silicon carbide boules. Much of the world’s silicon carbide production remains captive, which limits supply and keeps prices high.”

Knight said, “Our silicon carbide solution will help to increase the availability of silicon carbide semiconductors at significantly lower costs by increasing supply as production increases.”

Knight concluded, “We view this as a key step in enabling new high power semiconductor applications targeting market verticals such as electric vehicles and next generation PV inverters.”