GSS Targets CO2 Sensors for Refrigerator System Market

Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS), reported that it is targeting these CO2 sensors for the growing market of CO2 refrigeration systems market. After an enormous price increase in HFCs, the air conditioning and refrigeration industries have been urged to move to more “natural” refrigerants including CO2. Conventional refrigerant gases contribute up to four thousand times more to global warming than CO2.

Dr. David Moodie, Technical Manager at GSS, pointed out that CO2-based water chillers, chest freezers, beverage coolers and heat pumps are increasingly being developed and commercialized. “For example, CO2-based refrigeration systems are in use in a large number of Swedish supermarkets, with other countries following this trend towards a highly green refrigeration solution,” Moodie commented.

GSS intends to market its solid-state CO2 sensors for refrigeration applications.

GSS intends to market its solid-state CO2 sensors for refrigeration applications.

Normal outdoor air levels of CO2 are around 250-350 ppm. The gas is harmless to humans, except when concentrations are four or more times greater than normal. At above 1400 ppm people start experience negative health effects. When this rises to between 2000-5000 ppm, people can experience health problems such as headaches, loss of attention and slight nausea.

Unfortunately, CO2 gas is odorless and colorless. Therefore, leaks could go unnoticed. A quick warning of increased CO2 levels is vital for ensuring people’s safety in CO2 refrigeration applications.

GSS Sells Range of CO2 Sensors

GSS offers a range of standard CO2 sensors for refrigeration applications. The ExplorIR®-W boasts a particularly robust design that is built with mid-infrared LED technology to enable the earliest warning of possible CO2 leaks. The system also provides the required long lifetime and high precision required for leak detection.

The ExplorIR®-W can operate at temperatures down to -25º C as many supermarket freezers demand. The sensor is available for measuring ranges of CO2 concentrations of 0-5%, 0-20%, and 0-100%, according to the specific application. GSS says it is adaptable for individual requirements and can be used as part of a custom CO2 sensor solution for leak detection.