Get It All Your Way

Any number of suppliers will sell you gas…

But only one company offers you a program called the Compound Semiconductor Initiative. This is a unique offering of virtually everything gas-related – all oriented specifically to your industry, your special needs and your ways of doing business.

Having walked in your shoes…

The one company that does all the above is Matheson Tri-Gas. Because many of us here have spent lots of years in the compound semiconductor industry. And we understand.

Get best-of-class in what you need…

We understand that even though your specialty gas requirements may not be huge, you need every cylinder to have consistent high purity. That’s why we’ve built a whole new state-of-the-art plant in New Johnsonville, TN – to produce the highest purity arsine and phosphine in the world. And we have the most advanced analytical equipment to prove it. We also understand your need for flexibility. So even though we can supply all the elements of a complete turn-key gas system – the gas, delivery systems, purification, monitoring, engineering, service and site management– we’re also perfectly happy to sell you a single cylinder of NH3! We don’t burden you with minimums or hard and fast rules. Our aim is to offer the best-of-class gas products and services. How many of them you need is entirely up to you.

Our customers seem to appreciate this way of doing business. Perhaps you will, too.

Call us and see…

Hotline number 888-311-0185.



Get All the Gas Stuff & Get It the Way You Want

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