German Energy Agency Recognizes Aixtron with Energy Efficiency Award

The German Energy Agency (dena) has recognized Aixtron SE a German maker of semiconductor deposition equipment with the Energy Efficiency Award 2017 in the category “Energy efficiency 4.0”. The agency gave the award for Aixtron’s digital measurement and remote monitoring of energy data and for performing extensive energy efficiency measures related to their heating and cooling systems. The German Energy Agency (dena) issues the Energy Efficiency Award as part of their EnergieEffizienz initiative.

In 2014, Aixtron began examining energy management at the company’s headquarters in Herzogenrath (in the urban region of Aachen). At the time, heating and cooling required relatively high power despite the modern and efficient systems.

However, working with the energy service provider SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH, Aixtron thoroughly analyzed the company’s energy usage at its headquarters. And together they developed and subsequently implemented various energy efficiency strategies based on that analysis. The company’s energy efficiency improvements resulted in a lasting reduction of the power consumption by a minimum of 6.4 GWh/year, which leads to cost savings of about 211,000 €/year.

These efficiency improvements also impressed the Energy Efficiency Awards judges panel, which also especially emphasized the continued planning and fulfillment of the energy efficiency measures in their evaluation of the project.

“With the help of extensive analysis and the subsequent implementation of energy efficiency measures in collaboration with SPIE Energy Solutions, we were able to reduce the energy and gas consumption of our heating and cooling systems by at least 74% as well as reduce corresponding energy costs by more than 40%,” said Karl-Heinz Göbbels, the head of facility management at Aixtron and one of the project’s initiators

Göbbels expect the project to pay for itself in just a few years.

Dr. Bernd Schulte, president of Aixtron SE, said, “This award confirms the excellent work our project team does, which does not only benefit our company.”