GeneSiC Begins Offering SiC Junction Transistor-Diodes

GeneSiC Semiconductor based in Dulles, Virginia USA, announced the immediate availability of its 20 mOhm-1200 V SiC Junction Transistor-Diodes in an isolated, 4-Leaded mini-module packaging. The company asserts that the SiC Junction Transistor-Diodes enables extremely low Turn-On energies losses for high-frequency power converters. The extremely low Turn-On energies losses lead to reduced size/weight/volume of electronics for applications that require higher power handling at high operating frequencies. The company targets the Junction Transistor-Diodes for use in a wide range of applications such as plasma generators,  induction heaters, fast chargers, switched-mode power supplies, and DC-DC converters.

GeneSiC contends that its co-packaged SiC Junction Transistors (SJT)-SiC Rectifiers are perfect for inductive switching. Even at 80% of the rated voltages (eg. 960 V for a 1200 V device) they reportedly offer >10 microsec repetitive short circuit capability. The SJTs boast sub-10 nsec rise/falls times and a square reverse biased safe operation area (RBSOA). According to the company, the Gate Return terminal in the new design also significantly improves the ability to reduce the switching energies.

The company’s SiC Junction Transistors are gate-oxide free, normally-off, exhibit positive temperature co-efficient of on-resistance, and the company says that they can be driven at low Gate voltages, unlike other SiC switches. According to GeneSiC, the SiC Schottky Rectifiers in these mini-modules show good surge current ratings, low on-state voltage drops, and industry’s lowest leakage currents at elevated temperatures. Temperature independent, near-zero reverse recovery switching reportedly makes the company’s SiC Schottky rectifiers ideal for use in high-efficiency circuits such as H-Bridge, Flyback, and multi-level inverters.