Flisom Shows Off CIGS Thin Film Solar Modules

Flisom AG of Niederhasli, Switzerland, a solar technology company, supported by Tata Industries, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa), and a group of Swiss investors reported that the firm is open for global orders for its newly released flexible, thin-film CIGS solar modules. The company fabricates the thin film solar modules using a proprietary roll-to-roll manufacturing process.

At an exclusive rollout event for customers and partners in Zurich, Switzerland, Flisom showcased its CIGS products for a range of applications including building-integrated PV modules for light-weight roofs and facades, and a stratospheric weather balloon covered with the company’s ultra-lightweight solar film that powering electronic equipment.

Flisom CIGS Thin Film Very Light Weight

Flisom points out that its CIGS solar modules are extremely light (weighing as little as 200g/m2), and operate very efficiently (up to 50x power-to-weight ratio compared to silicon PV panels). Additionally, the solar film is ultra-thin at under 2mm in thickness. Also, the company points out that the films have a uniform, jet-black design giving it a beautiful aesthetic.

“We’ve taken our time to engineer a product that looks better and performs better than the competition,” explained Flisom’s CEO Rahul Budhwar.  “Our modules boast high efficiency, coupled with a stylish, jet black aesthetic and flexible light form factor, meaning they can be used on products and in places where adoption of solar energy was not possible before – like cars, lightweight roofs and drones. We’re already working with a range of leading aerospace, building and transportation companies to make our vision of enabling solar everywhere a reality.”