FCC Certifies Energous Mid Field WattUp Charging at a Distance Reference Design; Dialog Semiconductor Accelerates WattUp IC Development

Dialog Semiconductor of London, UK, an exclusive supplier of Energous Corporation’s WattUp® integrated circuits (ICs), has announced the hastening of a complete end-to-end production ready WattUp integrate circuit (IC) development roadmap. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification of the Energous Mid Field WattUp transmitter reference design makes this accelerated development of wireless charging possible.

Dialog Semiconductor notes that the availability of a complete IC system roadmap may lead to a fundamental shift in how consumers charge many of their portable electronics and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The company points out that it has already successfully launched and sampled to customers the first WattUp wireless power transmitter System-on-Chip (SoC), the DA4100, along with the first WattUp RF-to-DC receiver ICs, the DA2200 and DA2210.

IC’s Enable Contact-based Wireless Charging and Will Prove Fundamental to Power-at-a Distance Wireless Charging

These chips reportedly enable RF-based, Near Field (contact-based) wireless charging, and will also be fundamental to the now certified Over-the-Air, Power-at-a-Distance Wireless Charging system. For this reason, Dialog has added the crucial DA1210 Beamforming IC and the DA3210 Power Amplifier (PA) IC, required to complete the chipset for the Power-at-a-Distance transmitter system.

“This landmark FCC approval further strengthens Dialog’s position as both a strategic investor and worldwide exclusive supplier of Energous WattUp technology,” said Mark Tyndall, senior vice president Corporate Development & Strategy, Dialog Semiconductor. “It proves the era of wireless charging 2.0 has arrived as power-at-a-distance wireless charging becomes a reality with the delivery of a complete system chipset.”

Dialog will be demonstrating the latest Energous WattUp technology including the latest additions to the chip roadmap at CES in Las Vegas from January 9-12 2018 in its private demo suite at the Venetian hotel.