Excelis Gets Follow-on Contract to Supply Continuous Wave Illuminator Subsystems for F-16 Fighting Falcon Aircraft

Lockheed Martin, recently gave Exelis of Clifton, New Jersey USA, an $8.4 million follow-on contract to supply its Continuous Wave Illuminator (CWI) subsystems for F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft. Exelis says its CWI subsystem works as a special-purpose transmitter together with the F-16’s fire control radar and mission computer to provide guidance for semi-active missiles. The system uses radio frequency energy to illuminate airborne targets for increased accuracy and ensure that missiles locate their intended target.

“Our CWI subsystem provides a real edge, using the power of the electromagnetic spectrum to enable the success and safety of our aviators,” said Joe Rambala, vice president and general manager of the Exelis integrated electronic warfare systems business. “Utilizing its smaller size and lighter weight, the technology performs critical targeting tasks, allowing aviators to devote their attention to the larger mission.”

The Exelis CWI subsystem employs the latest technology for its power amplifier circuits, high-voltage power supply, digital control, and microwave signal generation; Importantly, the system is significantly smaller and lighter than similar legacy subsystems on older F-16s and other fighter aircrafts. Exelis is expected to manufacture the CWI systems under this contract, with deliveries to be completed in 2017. Exelis received the initial contract award, for $9.4 million, in September 2012.