EPC Introduces Power GaN Power Transistor Boasting One-Twentieth the Size of Comparable Silicon MOSFET

Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) of El Segundo, California USA, introduced the EPC2050, a 350 V GaN transistor with 26 A pulsed output current and a maximum RDS(on) of 65 mΩ. Applications for the power transister include solar power inverters, EV charging, motor drives, and multi-level converter configurations, such as a 3-level, 400 V input to 48 V output LLC converter for server or telecom power supplies.

EPC introduces 350V eGaN FET--EPC2050The EPC2050 measures just 1.95 mm x 1.95 mm (3.72 mm2), one-twentieth the size of comparable silicon, according to the company. Using the tiny EPC2050, an extremely efficient half-bridge with gate driver occupies one-fifth of the area of a comparable silicon solution. Despite the minute size of the chip-scale packaging, the company says that the EPC2050 manages thermal conditions more efficiently than plastic packaged MOSFETs.

“The performance and cost gap of silicon with eGaN technology widens with the 350 V, EPC2050, that is almost 20 times smaller than the closest silicon MOSFET. said Alex Lidow, EPC’s CEO.

Development Board

The EPC9084 development board is a 350 V maximum device voltage, half-bridge using the EPC2050, and the Silicon Labs Si8274GB1-IM gate driver. The company designed this 2” x 1.5” (51 mm x 38 mm) board for optimal switching performance. The board includes all critical components for evaluation of the 350 V EPC2050 eGaN FET.

Price and Availability

The company prices the EPC2050 eGaN FET for 1K units at $3.19 each and the EPC9084 development board is $118.75 each.

Both products are available for immediate shipment from Digi-Key at http://www.digikey.com/Suppliers/us/Efficient-Power-Conversion.page?lang=en